New Sub-Category: Things That Make Me Smile.

Hi readers!

Today I’m making a decision to cultivate myself (or Stephanie) by initiating a category in my list of posts that is focused on happiness. As many of you know, I fight depression, anxiety, alcoholism, bouts of self-loathing related to my sexuality, etc. Well, those things are a breeding ground for the insults Hilda gives me on a routine basis. I don’t want to live in negativity, so I’ve decided to counter Hilda with Stephanie and what better way to do that, then with a series of posts focused on those things that make me smile.

I need positive vibes and I just thought posting something here, when it happens, would be the best way to remind myself. These things could be almost ANYTHING, for example, today I posted on Twitter that I was 23 days into sobriety and someone posted something that made me feel warm and happy. This person said:

“Yay! You go girl!”

I don’t know why this makes me smile, but it’s not the first time someone has said this to me – it’s been said before, by different people.

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