Smile List 04-17-2020

One of my biggest insecurities is my writing ability. I have had various people to encourage me in writing, but I truly struggle with it. I’m not sure why, probably because of the criticism from teachers I’ve had over the years, but who really knows. Once, by a prompting from one friend here on WordPress, I began a short story. I only wrote two chapters before getting stuck and unsure where to take it. But my halt in writing has a lot more to do with my own lack of confidence in writing than any other reason.

Well, I have a friend on Twitter, whom is a published author and fellow alcoholic (I won’t identify her, because I’m not sure she would want that), that had asked about my inner voices – Stephanie and Hilda. So, I shared my blog with her and she thought I write very well and even suggest that I should/could consider turning what I write about into a book. The thing she said that brought a smile to my face is,

“I think you write beautifully! And I’m not saying it to be nice!”

I appreciated it, quite a bit. I’m not sure a book will ever be on my agenda, but having someone take notice of my writing is very humbling.

One thought on “Smile List 04-17-2020

  1. One of the things I can tell you about writing stories is that it’s usually best to outline things before you actually start writing, from the plot of the story to the characters and even when you tell yourself, “I got it – let’s write!” you can run into a moment where your mind just goes blank; you get to a point in the story and it’s like, “Okay… now what?” – and nothing immediately comes to mind.

    I’ve written a lot of stories, had quite a few of them published… and I have a lot of unfinished stories languishing on my computer where I’ve gotten to a certain point… and I can’t figure out where the story is going. I’ve learned to leave it alone – if I’m not thinking about it actively, the thread usually picks up and I can get back to writing… and sometimes, the story just dies on the vine. Writer’s block is a real thing and one eventually learns to deal with; the trick is to not let writer’s block get on your nerves and get you all frustrated. The best story I think I’ve ever written took me almost two years to write, not only because I was writing it in between work and family stuff but because I’d get to a point in the narrative and… nothing. I’d find myself re-reading what I’d already written and hoping I can get it going again and, all too often, I’m sitting at the computer and staring at the screen and sometimes after writing a paragraph, realizing it doesn’t fit the main plot of the story, and deleting it… and wind up being stuck again.

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