BMJ: Day 115 – Create an Internal Yardstick

Today I woke up in a very sour mood – some might say I’m restless, irritable and discontent. It felt like it was beginning to spiral downward and I’m wanting to counteract the mood. But, even writing a list of gratitude didn’t seem to help. I know I want to think in a more positive – Stephanie-esque way, if you will. So, I tried to do something that I believe Stephanie would want for me – to engage with my Beautiful My Journal.

So, I’m doing that and today’s entry concerns successes or achievements. The author of this guidebook suggests making a list of successes over the past year, so here is mine:

  1. Kept working on sobriety – today is day 37.
  2. Deal with my mental health – so, I began seeing a therapist again.
  3. Build my spiritual life, so I have been praying and doing my best with the program of Alcoholics Anonymous.
  4. Change my career/financial situation, so I am enrolled in school again and more than half way through a class now.
  5. Begin to improve my health – so I’ve been testing my blood sugar regularly and trying to eat right.

The author doesn’t stop there and asks us to list the things we want to accomplish in the next year:

  1. Achieve a year of sobriety by doing it one day at a time and continuing with the AA program.
  2. Complete most of the remaining classes I have (it’s gonna take a little over a year) for my M.S. in Data Analytics
  3. Lose weight – my goal is 90 lbs, but I’m shooting for one pound per week.
  4. Hike a couple more 14ers and add to my list.
  5. Truly cultivate Stephanie
  6. Put myself in a situation where I can love myself by continuing to work with a therapist, work towards more sobriety, etc.


And just like that, I’m feeling a little better.

2 thoughts on “BMJ: Day 115 – Create an Internal Yardstick

  1. Day 37 is awesome. So so so super awesome. And I love your pick-me-up intentions and goals. Very inspiring!! I hope to set a few more as well. One of them is to drink more water, which will actually help with some of my other issues, I think. Funny how the simple things seem to pass me by sometimes. :)) Anyways, huge congrats on the progress. xoxo

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