Questions For My Readers: Introduction

Blogging always has an element of interaction with followers. That tends to be a little bit of the point in the exposure aspect of keeping and maintaining a blog. Something I had done on the last blog I kept was to get specific feedback from my readers about various topics. I found it fun and enlightening, so I’ve decided to do it again. Granted, when I first began blogging it had a huge therapeutic aspect for me and I really needed and outlet to express my deepest and darkest feelings – and trust me, they were dark. But I also got a lot of insight from people and I am noticing the interaction on my blog seems to be dropping off a little, so I thought I’d take a old-new route. My questions might come from something I’m personally dealing with (high probability of that), some current event, something controversial, something fun, or whatever pops into my cute little head.

So, as an introduction to my section Question for My Readers:

What do you think of this idea?

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