QFMR: How do you tackle anxiety?

It seems like our current events have a lot of us on edge and feeling super anxious. I have had two panic attacks in the last week and after losing my job for the third time in the past five years today, my anxiety is super high. It got me thinking about the ways I’ve handled anxiety – some healthy and some not. Below is just a small list:

  1. Exercise
  2. Drinking
  3. Hiking
  4. Sex
  5. Volunteering to work more
  6. Wearing panties
  7. Deep breathing
  8. Walk
  9. Masturbation
  10. etc.

So I gave a list of something I’ve done, but I’m curious how my readers handle anxiety.

QFMR: How do you handle stress and anxiety?

6 thoughts on “QFMR: How do you tackle anxiety?

  1. When I had my stroke, one of the things my neurologist strongly insisted upon was me avoiding stress and by any means necessary and for me it was a mission to not have to rely on medications to chill me out. I meditate and use my intelligence to question whether being stressed or anxious about anything really makes sense and more so when those states of mind could cause me to have another stroke. Sex? Sure – that always works as does masturbation but both of those things, for me, are business as usual and not done just because I’m stressed or anxious.

    When I feel one of those moments coming on, it’s not about what I do – it’s about what I don’t do and while it’s not really meditation in that sense, it’s reminding myself that if I let this bother me, I could stroke out again and maybe the next time it’ll be more devastating than it was the first time. So I tell myself, “Don’t even go there.” I’ll even crank up my Xbox One and start playing Borderlands because it’s so much fun to run around shooting and blowing up bad guys and it great stress relief… but while I’m wrecking shop all over the place, I’m thinking about why I shouldn’t be stressed/anxious and since I’m not likely to come up with a good reason to be, it just goes away.

    Sometimes I do absolutely nothing – I just sit and chill in a meditative kind of way and remind myself that getting stressed or anxious serves no real purpose. And, of course, I had decades of martial arts training that taught me how to stay calm and focused no matter what’s going on around me. If I happen to feel anxious “out of nowhere,” my intelligence kicks in and asks, “Okay, what’s this about and no matter what we find out, we’re gonna head this off at the pass so, first, relax. Breathe. Center yourself.”

    And it works but it’s always worked even before I had a stroke. I just do not worry about the stuff I can’t do anything about. It’s about only being in the moment and being stress and anxiety free in any moment I find myself in. Mentally tough and with good reason:

    I do not want to have another stroke and especially because of something I can do something about.

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear you lost your job!!! That is stressful. Hugs.
    For me, managing stress is daily exercise (lightweight, about 15 mins per day), plus daily 2km walk outside. Water, herb tea (I forget to do those way too often), blog reading, writing, getting the “next right things” done, one little thing at a time… sounds like you are doing these things. :)) More hugs. xoxo

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  3. I take Ativan when my anxiety is really high. I avoid crowded places that really crank up my anxiety. Getting outside to a quiet place helps me. When I have time, I go hiking in the mountains. I also use meditation, sometimes while in a quiet place outside. Thank you for sharing your raw thoughts. Many people can’t open up like you do.

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