QFMR: What makes you feel pretty?

I had a tough time sleeping last night. I’m not sure if there was an exact reason, but running through my head last night were a multitude of thoughts about today’s societal upheaval, the loss of another job, fighting my alcoholism, the battle between Hilda and Stephanie, or me trying to work on my own self-image. At one point during the night, when I was fast asleep, I woke straight awake with a invasive thought in me: Why am I not pretty?

Granted, there is the quite obvious masculine, hairy, neanderthal-esque look I have on the exterior, but I sometimes wonder if I could ever actually be pretty – or even feel pretty.

So, the Question For My Readers today is:

What makes you feel pretty?

13 thoughts on “QFMR: What makes you feel pretty?

  1. Interesting question. I don’t ever recall thinking of myself as being “pretty;” I think I’m kinda/sorta good looking and others seem to think so… and some don’t. Methinks, however, this isn’t as much about feeling pretty as it might be about feeling good about yourself and being okay with the skin you’re in. Men groom, manscape, etc., and some can be just as vain as some women can be about their looks. Some aspects of your appearance can be changed, some can’t and, yep – some guys go for cosmetic surgery, botox, etc..

    So perhaps the question is what do you have to do to be “pretty” or just being okay in your own skin?

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      1. I thought so. I don’t suppose you’d be willing to just accept that you are the way you are and be happy, would you? That’s what myself and a lot of guys do; there’s really nothing we can nor want to do to change our appearance but we can change the way we think of ourselves and just find a way to being okay in the skin we’re in. Still, a lot of it is being able to change the things we can change and not worry about that which we cannot change… and what, if anything, you’re willing and/or able to do to effect change. If you find that you can’t, then why not be okay in your own skin because not being okay really doesn’t make much sense, does it?

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      2. Like, you can shave your legs any time you want to and if you get questioned about it, the real reason is that you don’t like your legs being all that hairy – and without letting people know about Stephanie who don’t need to know about the girl who lives inside you. A lot of men do it. Wanna wear panties? Well, you can do that, too, although, yep – the wife might notice it and she will have some shit to say about it… but a lot of guys in a relationship find a way to wear them and go undiscovered. Maybe you’d feel better in your skin to get all dolled up and to the best of your ability to do so since, um, at least on the outside, you’re still a guy. And a lot of guys find a way to do it but I’d think it’s not as easy as it might sound.

        So, in some of this, it’s not about what you can do – it’s what you can get away with, huh? And if you can’t, you just can’t… but that doesn’t mean that you can’t embrace and relish your need to cater to your inner girl in the privacy of your own mind.

        If that’s what can make you okay in the skin you’re in, then it works. Or it should. You won’t know until you try it on for size.

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      3. I thought you might! Yours isn’t as unique a situation as you may think; there are a lot of guys who are similar to you and with their own “Stephanie…” and they do whatever they can – or whatever they can get away with – to cater to their inner girl. Just with anything else life can throw at you, you can only do what you’re able to do. Find something you can do… and do it.

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  2. What makes me feel pretty?
    Clothes that are flattering and comfortable because I’m not going to smile if I’m uncomfortable. Also, I like makeup and having my hair look nice. I haven’t had my nails done since the beginning of March but I’m hoping to do it next week.

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      1. I hear ya! I actually did that 2 weeks ago. It seemed safer than a manicure to start with.
        Now I’d like to get a manicure. I always have a gel manicure – the kind that lasts 3 weeks – so that was an adjustment.

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