QFMR (the LGBT ones): How did you come out?

During an argument I had once with someone I had trusted with the knowledge that I am bisexual, I was threatened with that person outing me to family and friends. It was hurtful that I allowed this person to have that kind of power over me and it has had me worried ever since that it could happen. Granted, it wasn’t the first time the threat has been made, but it was the most worrisome. Something similar happened last week, so I am debating attacking the matter by outing myself. I’m considering telling my parents about both my alcoholism and my sexuality, so each of them can hear it straight (no pun intended) from me and not from someone else that is being vindictive. It has always been my belief that the best way to deal with some secret being revealed is to get in front of it and take the power and reveal it about yourself first.

So, I’ve strongly been considering letting my parents know. I am not sure how either one of them would take it and it worries me that they would somehow blame themselves. Although my parents are no longer together and haven’t been for 30 years, I still am concerned about how they might perceive themselves with the revelation of my sexuality to them.

So it got me wondering about people’s coming out stories, so I am proposing the following Question For My (LGBTQ) Readers:

How did you come out?

11 thoughts on “QFMR (the LGBT ones): How did you come out?

      1. Yeaaahhh…I was once told not to bring it up with my child, to let her tell me. But, also I know our parents weren’t as astute as we are as parents. Either way, I think you should tell them so you can be relieved.

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  1. I told my mom that I’m bi when I was drunk. She was too lol. She said that we are more alike then I know.
    There is nothing to blame on anyone so I hope they would just accept you.

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  2. Depended on who I was talking to and then I just told them that I was bisexual even though a lot of my coming out was more like confirming what someone else suspected or even heard through the grapevine… and sometimes I wouldn’t confirm or deny because some people didn’t need to know. My mom? She seemed to know it already so that conversation wasn’t even as bad as I thought it would be. Told the girlfriend who’d become my wife – no issues. Told my current wife with no issues.

    But to just come out to everyone I know and meet? Not doing that – ever – not that I care so much these days because I have zero tolerance for the dumb shit I’ve had to listen to coming from self-righteous folks. So, as you know, if they don’t really need to know, I’m not gonna tell them.

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  3. In my early 30s, I was fine with telling my 2nd husband I was bisexual. He was ok with it. I was in my early forties when I told my mother. It was during an argument we were having. She felt it was wrong that gay people kissed in public. I screamed at her that I was bisexual, so what was she going to do with that now? My father never knew that I knew of. After that confession, I’ve not had any qualms telling people when it came up.

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