Swallowing Pride

I’ve been invited to an interview today. It’s a full time cashier position with a hardware chain. I won’t lie, it feels humiliating. I have 15 years of experience in an engineering role in the oil & gas industry. I have a B.S. in Chemical Engineering & Petroleum Refining. I am part of the way through a Master’s degree in Data Analytics and I’m getting invited to interview for a minimum wage job. But, I can’t seem to get anything else.

But I’m going to go to the interview. I’m going to present the best spirit of service for that role. And I’m going to treat it like I need the job. If offered, it’ll likely pay less than what I am currently receiving in unemployment benefits, but I’m going to ask for at least that amount or else it makes no sense to accept it. But, I’ve often been told that it is always best for future roles to have some sort of job in the immediacy, so I’m slightly torn on what to do. But, I’m going to go. I’m going to try my best to treat this like it is the most important thing to me.

But I won’t lie: It’s unsettling to my sense of career accomplishments.

So, I’ve decided the hardest decision for me at the moment is what to wear to the interview – a suit? slacks and a dress shirt? a dress? Seriously, sometimes I wonder how people would react if I did something like that. I won’t. I’m hideous in a dress anyways.

6 thoughts on “Swallowing Pride

      1. How did it go?
        I’m sure it’s so hard. I know I couldn’t get a teaching job when I first graduated and took a retail job too.
        It took about 3 years before I could find a part time teaching job.

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      2. Well, I ended up having two interviews yesterday – one at Lowe’s and the other at McDonald’s. 😂. I haven’t heard back yet. I have an interview today as a lab tech. There’s also a chance for me to pick up a substitute teaching job Friday. So, things are moving…slowly, but they are moving.

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  1. I’m very impressed that you are making the effort.
    That must be very hard.
    I have spent my entire career in a remote location. We always joke there closer to the oil you are, the greater the job security.
    It turns out to be true. I know many people who have been laid off. Good, start, hardworking people.

    I hope this motivates you to keep looking. Good luck!


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