BMJ: Day 199 – Use a Salt Scrub

Disclaimer: I don’t maintain this series in my blog in order or on time, but as I read through this book, I add to my Beautiful Me Journal. I consider it a work in progress, because I consider myself a work in progress.


I happened to open my Beautiful Me Book today to see what suggestion I happened to be on. It says “Day 199”, which is a bit ahead of the last entry on this subject. But I have read through some of these suggestions on learning to appreciate my own inner beauty, but I don’t always make an entry (in addition to not actually doing these on a daily basis) like I am doing today. But, as I read it, the entry is devoted to “revitalizing your skin”, which is ironic, because I was thinking about my own skin this morning while at work.

Honestly, I looked in the mirror and felt every bit of worn as I looked. I realized that I have done very little to take care of my skin and I had the off thought, “Am I too old to even bother trying to make myself pretty?” But that would be Hilda talking and I would much rather have Stephanie in my head. Stephanie, would have my consider my general health – and in this case healthy skin. The beauty is of secondary importance to healthy skin. And the author in this book, suggests using a salt scrub. It’s been a while, so I think I might do that!

But, I would love to hear any ideas you all might have to help me get healthier skin, so what would you suggest?

And, do you think it’s too late in life for me to even try?

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