I wish I were a…

My thoughts happened to be on this subject this morning, so I thought I’d share it again.

Acquiescent Soul

…a woman.

As many of you realize, I spend a lot of time focused on my sexuality and my expression of that sexuality. I have to say, after coming out to my mother, I am feeling much better about myself. In fact, I have a small sense of pride at the moment – it doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. But, there’s something else that lies at the periphery of my sexuality and that’s gender identity.

Side Note and Trigger Warning: I am going to discuss my own thoughts on gender and the concept of fluidity in gender. Keeping in mind that these are merely my own thoughts, primarily about myself, I recognize it could be a sensitive topic for others. So, please realize I might be offensive to some.

Truthfully, I identify as male. I have this fundamental belief that the idea of more than…

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3 thoughts on “I wish I were a…

  1. I just now realized that there’s a question that I never asked you: Have you looked into seeing someone who specializes in gender identify stuff? Perhaps having a talk with such a professional might give you some insight about how to handle wanting to be a woman? I feel kinda crappy over not asking you this and considering how long I’ve been following your blogs…

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