A little introduction…

Edit: 05/15/2020

I kind of find these “about” pages a little funny, because most people reveal themselves through their writing in blogs – that is unless, of course, happens to be about some topic other than the author (Hmmm…does that imply there is inherent narcissism in the blogosphere….?).  Anyways, I’ll give a few basics:

Residence: I have a mortgage within the metro area of Denver, CO.

Birthday: I tend to keep that quiet, but it’s someplace on the calendar between August 15th and September 15th (Please, no gifts, unless you offer cash or a hug).\

What I do for a living: Mentally torture myself, for the most part. I have dealt with depression, anxiety, PTSD and many life-pondering questions. Some of these I tackle in my blog, some of these I do not.  Now, what I do for a career is technically lame and I feel a little like I didn’t exactly sign-up for this path in life. As soon as I can figure out how to get rich being wonderful, I’ll jump ship. I’m also working on a master’s degree, because I’d like to escape working in my current position.

Relationship Status: I am married in toxicity, so I am not available to meet anyone for hotel meetings, back-alley relationships, nor monetary exchanges for quick-fixes (Although, most people have a price, even if they won’t admit it). I’m flirtatious, at times, but I tend to keep it in check – mostly because I have no concept of how to do relationships and my wife doesn’t care for me looking elsewhere (In all seriousness, I try to be a good partner to her, in spite of our many ups and downs).  I also have children, that I make an attempt at protecting by not discussing them too often online.  Although, I might blog about my relationships with various people, I tend to try and keep a lot of things anonymous, because there is no sense in subjecting anyone to my self-opined depravity.

Hobbies: Umm…apparently, blogging, since I’ve started and deleted quite a few. I also enjoy hiking the mountains of Colorado. I enjoy reading, but don’t get the opportunity to do it as much as I used to.

Life’s Goals: Eff, if I know… I just live day by day right now. I also remember a saying I heard once – “We plan, God laughs.”

Okay, so I didn’t give a lot of details above, but hopefully you all get a small taste for the kind of person I am like.