So, I found a job…and other stuff.

To say the last few months have been hell would be an immeasurable understatement. I'm not going to link any of the previous posts I had on this subject, because all it will do is remind me how miserable I had become. But today, I am certainly singing a much happier tune. You see, I … Continue reading So, I found a job…and other stuff.

Providing updates…

Honestly, I hate providing updates, but it feels like that's the only way I have any interaction on my blog anymore. I remember about 9 years ago, when I first began blogging about myself, I was on almost daily - sometimes three or four posts per day. Obviously, I squashed a couple of blogs before … Continue reading Providing updates…

The Three Goals.

I just want to remind myself that this is important. I need to come back to it.

Acquiescent Soul

I’ve ruminated about some of my issues for quite some time. But, lately, I’ve had a full-scale attack from Hilda and it was not looking good for my mental outlook on life. But I know that the only way to combat the negativity is a plan of attack. In the past, I’ve written about some of my goals here and other places throughout my blog. But, yesterday, I narrowed my goals down to three things. They are the three things that I think encapsulate anything/everything I need to improve or change.

These three things are (as pinned to the top of my Twitter):

  1. My Spirituality.
  2. My Health.
  3. My Financial Status

I really believe all of my challenges and struggles in life can be narrowed down to these three matters. It’s obvious from my negative outlook and my mental health that my spiritual well-being is a major issue I need…

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