The Missing Link

There is always some link that is missing in a story of evolution, isn't there? Except, I'm not really speaking about Darwin's Theory of Evolution. No, I'm referring to my own personal evolution and I feel like something is missing. I can't even answer the question about what I think it might be. In fact, … Continue reading The Missing Link

S.A.R.D. #31 – Red Flags?

Maybe, I just need to keep remembering this…

Acquiescent Soul

WARNING/Disclaimer:I’m going to be discussing something of an adult nature. I am whipping this out as it comes to mind and I have thoughts that are raw and uncensored – I may or may not use vulgarity. Oh, and it may have tons of grammatical and spelling errors too (Oh, the horror!?!?!). This post is intended for mature audiences (i.e. ages 21+). Also, names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.


I’ve mentioned before that my entire intention behind beginning a blog was to release an overwhelming amount of anger, pain, resentment and other feelings about my marriage; but, I have never really started talking about it all. The truth of the matter is that I am ashamed. I am ashamed that I missed all of the red flags, missed all of the things that told me I wasn’t comfortable in the relationship in the first place…

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