Fear: A Character Defect

Having struggled with alcoholism over the past five years (Okay, it's probably more like 15, but I began attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings five years ago), I have had chances to see various stages of the 12-step program. Although I have not gotten past the 4th step, I have had and listened to discussions about character … Continue reading Fear: A Character Defect

Strains on Sobriety

Before I really talk about this, I'm going to qualify this by saying I am in early sobriety, so there have not been "real" tests on my sobriety - especially since I chronically relapse on a mere whim - like being in desperate need of a pedicure.  I'm only partially joking...you outta see the claws … Continue reading Strains on Sobriety

Perfectionism: Or How My Thoughts Spin Out of Control.

Yesterday, I indicated that I wasn't managing my sobriety so well. That's probably an understatement, and today - this morning, especially - I felt my thoughts begin to unravel my emotions. It was a common tactic of Hilda, I'm sure. But I don't want to feel this way, so I am writing this all down, … Continue reading Perfectionism: Or How My Thoughts Spin Out of Control.