Smile List 06-25-2020

I've been posting Things That Make Me Smile and everything I have posted up until this point has come externally. Not that there is anything wrong with appreciating things that make you feel good and come from outside of yourself, but when you have a thought that just warns your insides and you realize it … Continue reading Smile List 06-25-2020

Thinking about S.A.R.D.

Some days I have these moments where I feel completely okay with my sexuality. Scratch that. Some days, I feel like my sexuality is not as important as I try and make it. There are days where I am not focused on it as something that NEEDS attention. It's almost like I have accepted it … Continue reading Thinking about S.A.R.D.

Insanity: Repetition without an iota of change.

The last few days have been filled with wild thoughts. I've discussed this before on a few different posts and have collectively tagged them with "circle" - feel free to look. I'm not really sure why this happens to me, but it is a vicious circle of complete insanity that I go through, where I … Continue reading Insanity: Repetition without an iota of change.