BMJ: Day 155 – Let Go of That Girl

Disclaimer: I don’t maintain this series in my blog in order or on time, but as I read through this book, I add to my Beautiful Me Journal. I consider it a work in progress, because I consider myself a work in progress. *********************************************************************************************** Today's entry into my Beautiful Me Journal (BMJ) is somewhat of a conflict … Continue reading BMJ: Day 155 – Let Go of That Girl

Smile List: 06-22-2020

Today, I read a comment to one of my blog posts and I was told I had a "Beautiful Soul". I love this so much, because it connects me to the word beautiful and it's something I really want for myself. It's encouraging that I have something inside of me to offer, when I feel … Continue reading Smile List: 06-22-2020

BMJ: Day 34 – Use Twenty-Five Words

Today's guideline to build a better beauty perception, the author of Beautiful You suggests writing something about yourself in 25 words in just a minute or less without describing anything physical.  The hope is to find something about yourself that is inspiring. She says "Don't Overthink it." Except, I do. And like most things I … Continue reading BMJ: Day 34 – Use Twenty-Five Words