I’m going back into hiding.

I'm irritated today. I got into a small debate Twitter with some person I don't know.  I had stated my opinion about something and my statement was quickly turned into something by someone that ends up claiming my opinion somehow doesn't matter. I despise that. It ended up being a conservative opinion, that conflicts with … Continue reading I’m going back into hiding.

No Such Thing As 50% Gay!

I have experienced my first encounter with bi-erasure. For those of you that don't know, bi-erasure is the kind of discriminatory behavior that bisexuals experience from both heterosexuals and homosexuals. It is the essence of negating our sexuality and requiring us to "pick a side".  And yesterday, I became involved in a conversation that focused … Continue reading No Such Thing As 50% Gay!

“But you’re married…”

Today, I was perusing some of the blogs that are written by bisexuals and/or written about bisexuality, because...duh... ...I'm bisexual and I'm cute like that!  (Just kidding...a little...okay, not at all). Anyways, while reading some of them, there were a few that recognized that there is a common assumption that bisexuals cannot be happy in … Continue reading “But you’re married…”