What if I am not…?

Yesterday, I was questioning myself again. Specifically, I happened to be questioning my sexuality again. I had tweeted out, "I'm having one of those 'maybe I shouldn't be bisexual' days..." because I was in a bit of a mood where I was pondering the things that impact me in a negative way.  I was looking … Continue reading What if I am not…?

“…Meet a Man and Live Happily Ever After…”

Last night, I had a small discussion with a friend of mine.  She had mentioned the words in the title to me, when we were discussing the possibility of my marriage ending.  One of the great things about this friend - and so many of you that follow my neurotic blog - is the constant … Continue reading “…Meet a Man and Live Happily Ever After…”

It’s tough being BI

Another blogger’s post, I wanted to share…

DV8D1! - Embrace Your Deviant Soul

It’s funny sometimes I wish I weren’t bisexual. Just give me a bit to explain before passing judgement. I find it very difficult to be that model bisexual person who is an advocate for everyone in the LGBTQ+ community, and I also have a hard time with being that bisexual person that is able to be with just one person. I’m not saying that I don’t have compassion for others in the LGBTQ+ community; it’s just that I feel like I have so much of my own shit to figure out that I don’t have the time or mental faculties to provide the support that so many others are able to give. That isn’t to say that I can’t listen or relate to others problems or struggles, but rather I feel as if I don’t have much to offer in regard to advice. When I have tried to offer my…

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