Searing pain, The mind's darkness. Companionship in absentia. Traveling among oblivion, Penetrating the murky conflict, Of consciousness. A path becomes clear, Parting the dying forest. A voice in the wind, guiding Towards a doomed destiny. A precipice of eternal destruction, encountered, downward, calling out. No reply, not even the echoes of discouragement, Erasure, the only … Continue reading Soliloquy

I’m Done Allowing Shame to F&^K Me!

I've attached shame to so many things, but if I were to put together a list, it would look like this: My relationships Being bisexual My faith My alcoholism My role as a parent My role as a partner My job situation My financial situation My health My weight And many others. I began blogging … Continue reading I’m Done Allowing Shame to F&^K Me!