I’m Done Allowing Shame to F&^K Me!

I've attached shame to so many things, but if I were to put together a list, it would look like this: My relationships Being bisexual My faith My alcoholism My role as a parent My role as a partner My job situation My financial situation My health My weight And many others. I began blogging … Continue reading I’m Done Allowing Shame to F&^K Me!

Hilda’s Full Scale Attack.

Last night, Hilda came in like a storm and was on full scale attack. She was seeking, retribution, I'm sure for the effort I put in over the past few months to change myself for the better. Last night, she was seeking out a strong stand to take over my mind and being fully. Ultimately, … Continue reading Hilda’s Full Scale Attack.


Anyone that has attended Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings are going to become aware of the phrase "...restless, irritable, and discontented...". It is the warning to alcoholics that these feelings are the predecessor to the phenomena of craving.  Often times, these feelings are tied into the concept of resentments and alcoholics deal with resentments by making … Continue reading Regrets