Day 21: The Struggle is Real

I don't know what causes me the most frustration - relationships, work, having no ability to plan how I want to live my life, money issues, lack of sex, the damned medical bill I'm being sued over...or whatever other fucking thing happens to be on my nerves or what?!?!  Okay, I'm sorry I parents taught … Continue reading Day 21: The Struggle is Real


It seems as if I've stepped away from blogging again, since I haven't been around much and my last few posts have indicated some negativity (as if?!). Well, I've had a few changes the past month or so (I don't even know the relativity of time in my life at the moment) and haven't really … Continue reading Brickwall


Anyone that has attended Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings are going to become aware of the phrase "...restless, irritable, and discontented...". It is the warning to alcoholics that these feelings are the predecessor to the phenomena of craving.  Often times, these feelings are tied into the concept of resentments and alcoholics deal with resentments by making … Continue reading Regrets