Just something I wanted to share, because I found this to be incredibly insightful and beautiful!

The Power of the Feminine

I had a question asked to me, one by a beautiful woman wanting to understand a way to explain Love. How do you know love and explain love?

Here is my response.

Women are very different than men. Our emotions are a delicate, sensual way we view the world. Men, take on the world through their commitments, discipline and focus. This has set women up to believe we depended on men to gain their attention. We could sleep with them, give them sex. That didn’t teach either a woman or a man about love. Men could promise us financial stability and security, so women could find thousands of reasons why he was a good partner. Even if in her heart, she didn’t love him. That made love look like it was based on money. No wonder why younger generations have difficulty discerning between love, money and security.

So what is…

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Doubting Oneself…?

This morning, I woke up in a really negative and self-deprecating mood. I briefly thought, "Ugh...I think I'm going to need a therapist again and hear about all of the things I should do that I am already aware..." It made me realize that I'm weaving my way through a potential depressive episode. I tried … Continue reading Doubting Oneself…?