BMJ: Day 27 & Day 28 – Criticism and Comparison

Based upon my crummy mood today, I think I need to make an entry into my Beautiful Me Journal. Actually, I'm going to combine two days into one, because I think the topics for these two days go hand in hand. in terms of controlling negative thoughts and feelings. Day 27 addresses the idea of … Continue reading BMJ: Day 27 & Day 28 – Criticism and Comparison

BMJ: Day 6 & 7 Combined

I'm actually forcing myself to write in this journal today.  My attitude isn't positive today and it's somewhat appropriate that Days 6 & Days 7 are in line to be read and follow the guideline suggested in the book I have linked in this post here. Day 6 is focused on refraining from using language … Continue reading BMJ: Day 6 & 7 Combined