QFMR: Altruistic or Pragmatic?

As I often do, I have been pondering what is important to me in terms of how I interact with the world around me. And, I find, sometimes, that I have a conflict with being pragmatic versus seeking an altruistic way of being. Sometimes, I find that these two characteristics can be opposed to one … Continue reading QFMR: Altruistic or Pragmatic?

I’m going back into hiding.

I'm irritated today. I got into a small debate Twitter with some person I don't know.  I had stated my opinion about something and my statement was quickly turned into something by someone that ends up claiming my opinion somehow doesn't matter. I despise that. It ended up being a conservative opinion, that conflicts with … Continue reading I’m going back into hiding.

Out of Touch (a.k.a. Bisexual Republican)

I think I am out of touch with something. The problem, unfortunately, is that I don't really know with what I am out of touch - society, politics, the hottest music, the best restaurants, movies, pop culture, fashion trends, or anything else that impacts the lives of people.  I'm not sure what it is, but … Continue reading Out of Touch (a.k.a. Bisexual Republican)