Anyone that has attended Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings are going to become aware of the phrase "...restless, irritable, and discontented...". It is the warning to alcoholics that these feelings are the predecessor to the phenomena of craving.  Often times, these feelings are tied into the concept of resentments and alcoholics deal with resentments by making … Continue reading Regrets

Crank: A Sordid Drunk-A-Log Tale (Also S.A.R.D. #7

In this post, I'm going to tackle two categories in my blog: Sobriety & Sexual and Relationship Development. The reason why is because the story I have involving Crank (street name for methamphetamine, back in the 90s is when this really began to hit mainstream) is two fold - it involves a drunken sexual interlude … Continue reading Crank: A Sordid Drunk-A-Log Tale (Also S.A.R.D. #7