Some basic self-truths.

I'm not sure where it came from. I'm not sure what inspired it. I'm not even sure they are my thoughts. But I had some revelations - and probably some that have been obvious to others for quite some time. But I woke up this morning thinking these things to myself (I'm pretty sure it's … Continue reading Some basic self-truths.

BMJ: Day 137 – Consider Careers

I haven't written in my Beautiful Me Journal (BMJ) in quite some time. Although, I'm still the coinciding book in order, I haven't been very diligent. But, today's requested entry to the BMJ seemed kind of appropriate to my life right now, since I am in transition from jobs again. In this entry to the … Continue reading BMJ: Day 137 – Consider Careers

BMJ: Day 36 – Don’t Make Unrealistic Comparisons

Although I've more than insinuated what goes on inside my head, I'm going to be a little more forward about some of the thoughts that go on inside my head. And today's prompt for writing in my Beautiful Me Journal is pretty relevant to what I'm speaking about. The reality is that there have been … Continue reading BMJ: Day 36 – Don’t Make Unrealistic Comparisons