S.A.R.D. #31-1/2: Spiritual Fitness

The past week has been somewhat stressful, based upon the events of last week. I have stayed in touch with my sponsor, however, since I am technically new in sobriety. Of course, my sponsor is concerned about my sobriety, right now, and it makes perfect sense - so am I! I guess, in some small … Continue reading S.A.R.D. #31-1/2: Spiritual Fitness

Relinquishing My Will

Most people have an image of alcoholics as weak, weak-minded and weak-willed. There is this idea that alcoholics (or any addicts) simply cannot exercise will power, because they find themselves in the throes of addiction and addictive behavior. And when it comes to drinking, there is an inability to refute that temptation for an alcoholic. … Continue reading Relinquishing My Will