“Relationships Are the Hardest Thing We Do…”

The title of this post are the words my sponsor in AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) mentioned to me once, and again, and again, and again at various times. And today, as I contemplate those words, I am thinking about Step 2 of the AA-12 Step Program.  The send step, specifically states, "Came to believe that a Power … Continue reading “Relationships Are the Hardest Thing We Do…”

Remorse and Tricky Thinking.

I have started working the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) program again, to regain sobriety.  I have been reading the AA book of the same title, sometimes called "The Big Book" and have begun to work with the man that was sponsoring me, previously.  If you're familiar with "the program" it's the proverbial 12-steps to recovery and I am … Continue reading Remorse and Tricky Thinking.