What if I am not…?

Yesterday, I was questioning myself again. Specifically, I happened to be questioning my sexuality again. I had tweeted out, "I'm having one of those 'maybe I shouldn't be bisexual' days..." because I was in a bit of a mood where I was pondering the things that impact me in a negative way.  I was looking … Continue reading What if I am not…?

#BeBraveShareYourStory vs. Vulnerability

As many of you already know, I am on Twitter quite a bit and I enjoy playing Hashtag Games. These games range from complete silliness to complete seriousness and they can be thought provoking, fun, revealing, insightful, political, sexual, witty, and so on and so forth. They are extremely open ended. Yesterday, there was a … Continue reading #BeBraveShareYourStory vs. Vulnerability