Feeling sorry for myself? That's the absolute worst thing I think Hilda has me feeling. I hate that I have succumbed to that crap. And it's a criticism I heard about myself this morning. The criticism was intended to be constructive and it was. Of course, I didn't want to accept it...not really. Rather, I … Continue reading Cynical

What I See for Myself?

Back when I was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (of course, back in those days is was Juvenile Onset Diabetes), I had a difficult time giving myself shots of insulin - at eight years old, you can imagine my fear of shots. Well, I worked with a therapist that helped me get over what … Continue reading What I See for Myself?

BMJ: Day 109 – Get Clear on My Intention

Continuing following a long my Beautiful Me Journal (BMJ), the author of the book I'm following states specific questions with respect to making dreams a reality. But I'm going to do this entry, slightly, differently considering my last post in the BMJ was a little more selective than the author intended - not that my … Continue reading BMJ: Day 109 – Get Clear on My Intention